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Third prize draw: We have the winners!

We have the winners of the main prizes of our third prize draw. Today we had 10 965 tickets in a raffle performed by our live stream guest GM Peter Svidler.

We have winners from rapid, blitz and bullet events played on all four online chess platforms participating in the project –,, chess24, and FIDE Online Arena. Guest invitations to the Chess Olympiad 2021 and mini-matches with top GM go to Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Columbia, Greece, Italy, Tonga, USA, and Zimbabwe!

Winners of guest invitations to the Moscow Chess Olympiad 2021 are:
6406 giv5 (Zimbabwe) (, 05/30, Blitz 3+0 Arena)
8648 imnotagm (Tonga) (Chess24, 06/03, Blitz 3+2)
1098 Rikmagick (Italy) (, 05/20, Blitz)
5357 Nicolás Tlapala Escobar (FIDE Online Arena, 05/27, 3+0 Blitz Swiss)
7532 ar9945 (Armenia) (, 06/01, Blitz 3+2 Arena)

Mini-matches with TOP GMs go to:
10781 ferasabdelkader (Algeria) (Lichess, 05/31, Mediterranean Checkmate Corona Team Battle Rapid)
1693 Alex2958 (Argentina) (, 05/22, Bullet Arena)
9425 kohlton (USA) (, 06/05, Blitz 3+0 Arena)
10885 Jotso (Greece) (Lichess, 06/01, Greece Checkmate Corona Blitz 3+2 Arena)
10 639 Jormantorres (Columbia) (Lichess, 06/06, Colombia Checkmate Coronavirus Blitz 3+2 Arena)

Please note that each prize winner is required to claim his/her prize before June 30th, 2020 by sending an email to with the following data:
• player’s nickname
• player’s real name
• player’s email address
• player’s home address (only for players who won Checkmate Coronavirus Souvenirs)
Winners of the minor prizes of today’s raffle will be defined off-air and published on

So stay tuned and continue playing #checkmatecoronavirus tournaments! Remember, you don’t get lucky while sitting on the sofa with arms crossed doing nothing. Luck favors those who take the initiative.