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Fourth prize-draw: Winners announced

We are happy to announce the winners of the fourth prize draw of Checkmate Coronavirus project. This time we had 14093 tickets in the weekly raffle. Our major prizes - five mini-matches and seven guest invitations to the 2021 Moscow Chess Olympiad – were won by the representatives of 12 countries: Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Greece, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, and the USA.

Just imagine, the youngest winner is just 9 years old and the oldest is 64! Congratulations to all of them!

Five mini-matches with top GMs go to:

2067 ISLAMCHESS (Algeria) (Lichess 05/23, Bullet Arena)
3920 Jossecorrea (Brazil) ( 05/25, Bullet Arena)
7863 acharmevilches (Chile) ( 06/02, Rapid Arena)
13949 callmeperdi (Greece) (Lichess, 06/09, Greece Team Battle Rapid 10+5 Arena)
4827 omerbeyazitm (Turkey) (, 05/27, Blitz 5+0 Arena)

Guest Invitations to the 2021 Moscow Chess Olympiad are won by:

3579 bakpao_coklat (Indonesia) (Lichess, 05/25, Bullet Arena)
13430 alexgidaspov (Russia) (Lichess, 06/13, Rapid Arena)
3287 Parakk (Denmark) (, 05/24, Bullet)
1608 zwinston (USA) (, 05/21, Blitz)
5856 hsfhshwrthgsfhhhrtyrtyrtyrwyt (Argentina) (Chess24, 05/28, Blitz Tournament - 3+2)
10167 SUPER_HM (South Africa) (Lichess, 06/03, Chess SA Bullet Arena)
7203 injuste20200 (Tunisia) (Lichess, 05/31, Blitz Arena)

Please note that each prize winner is required to claim his/her prize before June 30th, 2020 by sending an email to with the following data:

• player’s nickname
• player’s real name
• player’s email address
• player’s home address (only for players who won Checkmate Coronavirus Souvenirs)

Winners of the minor prizes of today’s raffle will be picked off-air and published here

Thanks to everyone who took part, and remember, the best is yet to come. In just a few days, on June 17th, we will have our big raffle!

This means:

  • 40 Guest Invitations to the Moscow Chess Olympiad 2021, including airplane tickets, full board hotel accommodation for 6 nights, side events, and closing ceremony attendance
  • 30 Online mini-matches against a TOP GM
  • 300 of 2-hours online GM master-class
  • 480 Checkmate Coronavirus Souvenirs

So don’t give up and play #checkmatecoronavirus tournaments!